MCPTM is a supply chain orchestration platform for end to end investment management in areas like construction, oil & gas upstream and downstream, energy & utilities.

Leveraging over 5 years of process automation experience with companies in the Power & Utilities, Oil & Gas and EPC sectors, BPM Wave designed MCPTM to overcome traditional issues with the investment management process, while helping companies improve human capital productivity, insure best practice adherence and business rules compliance across core operational processes, and facilitate the identification of bottlenecks, inconsistencies and opportunities for change.

The application is designed to insure regulatory compliance, reduce work stoppages, provide real time visibility into investment progress and reduce budget overruns and delays.

MCP covers all key phases of the investment process, including:

  • Investment case analysis and approval
  • Bid development and acquisition of third party services
  • Investment planning: task scheduling, workforce allocation, workload balancing
  • Project execution with real time monitoring of status and compliance criteria (such as work permits, required documentation, approvals and stage acceptance)
  • Team performance analysis and administrative closing with adjourning of resources and excess materials return

Typical client workflows have over 100+ independent stages, performed by more than 50 organizational roles. To help orchestrate these mission critical investment management elements, MCP provides full process automation and monitoring. The application serves as a type of glue, tying together information from existing company systems, such as ERP, PM, ECM, CRM, GIS applications.

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